Mirror Adhesive (low-VOC) (LN-730)

This mirror adhesive will not desilverize mirrors. Fifteen minutes of working time allows for precision placement on most surfaces, and the flexible bond will not become brittle with age. It can also be considered a "green glue" because it is a low-VOC mirror adhesive. As with any mirror adhesive, this product must be used with a permanent mechanical support system, such as a shelf angle or "J" channel.

Also Available

Solvent (LN-930)


LIQUID NAILS mirror adhesive


Key Features

Recommended For:

bonding mirrors to concrete, drywall, plaster (primed or sealed), painted surfaces, wood and metal in conjunction with a permanent mechanical fastening system. Do not use this product without a permanent mechanical support system.

NOT Recommended For:

exterior use, uses other than mirror installations, applying mirrors to wallpapered surfaces, foamboard or treated wood, use without a permanent mechanical support system, or ceiling installations.

Available Sizes

  • 10 fl. oz. cartridge


  • 10 fl. oz. cartridge covers 6 sq. ft.


46 GPL

*Please note that the typical dry time for most construction adhesives is approximately 24 hours. This may vary due to temperature, humidity amount of product applied and surface porosity.

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Surface Preparation

Surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dust, dirt and grease, and structurally sound before applying this mirror adhesive. When mirror adhesive is used on porous substrates such as unpainted plaster, drywall and concrete, the surface must be sealed with a high-quality primer. If surface has been painted, it should be scratched with coarse sandpaper before mirror adhesive is applied. On non-porous substrates such as glass, tile or metal, bond coating is not necessary.

Product Application

Cut and pre-fit materials prior to installation. Cut nozzle of mirror adhesive tube to desired size (marked on nozzle). Puncture inner seal with nail or wire. Install permanent mechanical fastening system prior to application of mirror adhesive. Apply mirror adhesive in 3/8" diameter beads running the full length of the mirror. Beads of mirror adhesive should be 5 to 6 inches apart. Hang mirror on fastening system and press into place against wall within 15 minutes after mirror adhesive application. Tape or brace top of mirror to hold in place if necessary, depending on support system used. Mirror adhesive will set in approximately 24 hours. Edges of mirror may be sealed immediately after application, if desired.

Drying Time

Mirror adhesive will set in approximately 24 hours.


If the mirror adhesive is wet, use mineral spirits. If the mirror adhesive has dried, scrape it away.

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