LIQUID NAILS® Construction Adhesives: Tips & Tricks

Maximize Sound Deadening with Acoustical Sealant

The perceived quality of a wall is determined partly by its sound deadening abilities. Luckily, there is an easy and low-cost solution.

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LIQUID NAILS® Brand Acoustical Sound Sealant (AS-825) is specially formulated to seal off the tiny gaps and crevices that let airborne noise pass through.

Proper use of acoustical sealant has proven to drastically improve sound deadening. For example, simply placing a bead of sealant on each side of the wall assembly where the wallboard meets the ceiling member can improve the Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating from 29 to 53, as demonstrated by the ASTM C919 Standard Practice for Use of Sealants in Acoustical Applications.

For optimal sound deadening results, follow the steps explained below.

For New Construction:

For Retrofitting: