LIQUID NAILS® Construction Adhesives: Tips & Tricks

Where You Keep Your Construction Adhesives Can Make A Difference

Storage of construction adhesives can have a significant impact on jobsite efficiency and costs. Proper storage of construction adhesives will help make your crew more efficient and will provide better adhesive performance, better bonding, and reduced callbacks.

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To get the best performance out of your construction adhesives, use these guidelines for storage:

  • Keep your construction adhesives from freezing. The time it takes to thaw them out can be substantial.
  • Cold construction adhesives will not flow and coat a surface as well as warmer ones, which can result in a less-than-optimal adhesive bond.
  • Warmer construction adhesives are easier to apply, which helps with your worker efficiency.
  • Do not expose your construction adhesives to heat. Most construction adhesives by LIQUID NAILS Adhesive can be stored in temperatures up to 100°F and still maintain their shelf life. However, continued exposure to heat during storage will result in a gradual drying out of the adhesive in the cartridge.
  • Do not expose your construction adhesives to rain or other liquids during storage. As many construction adhesives are packaged in cardboard fiber cartridges, exposure to water will cause walls to weaken, resulting in failure of the package and a real mess, not to mention wasted product and lost time.

LIQUID NAILS® Brand construction adhesives are designed to withstand these situations as effectively as possible. LIQUID NAILS Adhesive rubber-based and latex-based products are formulated to provide easy gunning and surface wetting at low temperatures (down to 22°F for LIQUID NAILS Brand Subfloor Adhesive - latex) for faster application and better bonding.