Panelling & Moulding (LN-710)

This fast-bonding adhesive is like an extra set of hands, providing a sure hold, precision placement and less nailing. Ten minutes of working time and an impact-resistant bond help make it an excellent choice for installing crown moulding and other panelling and trim.


fast-bonding adhesive

Key Features

Recommended For:

installing crown moulding, corkboard, panelling, wood moulding, foil and insulation board.

NOT Recommended For:

uses other than paneling and moulding installations, use between two non-porous surfaces, or exterior use.

Available Sizes

  • 10 fl. oz. cartridge


  • Using a 1/4" (.64 cm) bead: 10 fl. oz. cartridge covers 30 lineal ft.


43 GPL


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Surface Preparation

All panels must be separated and conditioned to room temperature for 48 hours prior to installation. Preparation: Surfaces must be clean, dry and structurally sound before applying fast-bonding adhesive. Cut and pre-fit materials prior to installation.

Product Application

Place cartridge in gun, cut nozzle and puncture inner seal with nail or wire. Apply 1/4" bead of fast-bonding adhesive around the perimeter of parts to be bonded. Adhere materials within 20 minutes of gunning this fast-bonding adhesive. Warped materials may require bracing and/or nailing. Instant-grab method: Panelling — Apply 1/4" bead of fast-bonding adhesive approximately 1" from edge of panel around the perimeter. Apply two zig-zag 1/4" beads in the middle of the panel. Press panel firmly into place. Remove panel from wall for one minute. Rejoin panel to wall. Moulding — Apply 1/4" zig-zag bead of fast-bonding adhesive to back of moulding. Press moulding firmly into place. Starting at one end, nail every 12".


If this fast-bonding adhesive is wet, use water promptly. If the fast-bonding adhesive has dried, scrape it away, then remove residue using a cloth dampened with mineral spirits.

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