Interior Projects Construction Adhesive — Solvent (LN-601/LNP-601)

The original LIQUID NAILS adhesive, this versatile construction adhesive has proven effective at bonding all common building materials. It bridges gaps up to 3/8", remains waterproof yet flexible, and offers up to 10 minutes working time.


LIQUID NAILS Interior Projects Construction Adhesive

Key Features

  • America's #1 brand
  • Original formula
  • Strong durable bond
  • Bonds most common building materials
  • Bond remains flexible
  • Adhesive can bridge gaps up to 3/8"

Recommended For:

bonding all common building materials, including plywood, hardboard, furring strips, paneling, ceramic fixtures, drywall, molding, and corkboard

NOT Recommended For:

application of wood flooring, subfloors, underlayment, ceiling tiles, 1/8" MDF paneling, natural or synthetic marble or granite, fasteners

Available Sizes

  • 28 fl. oz. cartridge
  • 10 fl. oz. cartridge


  • 28 fl. oz. cartridge covers 88 lineal ft.
  • Using a 1/4" (.64 cm) bead: 10 fl. oz. cartridge covers 32 lineal ft.


400 GPL


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Surface Preparation

Make sure that all surfaces are clean, dry and structurally sound before this construction adhesive is applied.

Product Application

Cut and pre-fit materials prior to installation. Insert LIQUID NAILS? construction adhesive cartridge into standard caulk gun. Cut nozzle to desired bead size marked on nozzle. Puncture inner seal with nail or wire.

Bonding Paneling to Furring Strips or Studs

Apply a zig-zag 1/4" (.64 cm) bead of adhesive to each strip or stud to be covered by material. Position paneling so edges meet at center of stud. Only severely warped materials will require finishing nails at top and bottom.

Bonding Panels, Corkboard, etc. to Flat Surfaces

Apply 1/4" (.64 cm) beads of construction adhesive a maximum of 12" (30 cm) apart, within 1-1/2" (3 cm) of all edges and at outside edges.

Venting Method

Press materials firmly into place. Pull away for 3 to 5 minutes, then press back into place.


Use mineral spirits to clean up both wet and dry construction adhesive.

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